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Màquina de modelat per bufat JWELL HDPE

Temps: 2022-09-01 Comentari: 12

JWELL is one of the leading HDPE blow molding machine manufacturers and blow molding machine suppliers in China. The HDPE blow molding machine, also called HDPE blow moulding machine, is mainly used for processing unsupported parisons. The advantages of HDPE moulding machine are high production efficiency, low equipment costs, wide selection of molds and machinery, and the HDPE molding machine disadvantages are high scrap rate, waste recycling, Poor utilization, the thickness control of the product during hdpe blow molding machine process, and the dispersibility of the raw materials are restricted, and trimming operations must be performed after molding.


Jwell provide whole solution of blow modling machine,if you have any need,pls feel free to contact us.
Contacte: Byron Liu
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