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JWELL Machinery estrenarà aviat el K2022 alemany

Temps: 2022-10-14 Comentari: 23

After three years' absence, JWELL Machinery will take part in K exhibition again -2022 Dusseldorf International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition(JWELL booth No. : 16D41&14A06&8bF11-1), which is expected to come from October 19 to 26 and unveil the mystery of K2022 in Dusseldorf. In the 2022 exhibition, JWELL will show a number of advanced extrusion equipment, to provide global customers with professional and customized overall solutions for plastic extrusion equipment in various segments.



As the largest and most influential plastics and rubber show in the world, the K Show is not only a future indicator of the direction of the industry, but also a place where experts can communicate and generate new ideas. As a global extrusion technology solution provider, JWELL Machinery actively connects with advanced extrusion equipment and technology in Europe, deeply explores the development and application of new materials and new processes, and is committed to providing more competitive solutions for the future development of customers. For us, the K exhibition is not only to fully demonstrate the strength of Chinese products on the international stage, but also an excellent learning opportunity.

Línia de producció de làmines de TPU invisibles


Línia d'extrusió de pel·lícules i làmines de TPU


Línia d'extrusió de material d'embalatge mèdic


Màquina de modelat per bufat de llit d'hospital de plàstic

Medical Precision Catheter Extrusion


Going abroad to the world is the only way for Chinese national enterprises to become bigger and stronger. JWELL Machinery has participated in K Exhibition for seven consecutive years. In the exhibition, we can fully communicate with more customers face to face, understand the needs of users, and provide more careful and thoughtful service for old customers. You can also make many new friends and show off your latest products and technologies. Design and manufacture customized extrusion equipment to meet the segmentation of the field, so that customers are satisfied, understand the customer's vision and strategy. With professionalism, we continuously improve our products, services and value, anticipate and meet customer needs, commit to providing customers with holistic solutions, and build effective customer and supplier alliances. For China plastic machine to win the international market recognition and respect played a positive leading role.

Línia d’extrusió de pel·lícula EVA / POE / PVB / SGP


FPV Float Blow Molding Machine


Línia d'extrusió de fulla posterior composta PV/PE PVDF/PET

Single-Screw WPC/HDPE (Foaming) Extrusion Line


Bio-degradable Plastics Compounding and Pelletizing Series


PVC Window- Blinds Extrusion Line


During the 8-day exhibition, leading companies from the global plastics and rubber industry will showcase the industry's products and technologies at the highest international level. JWELL people cherish the opportunity to communicate with industry users, especially after the epidemic, will bring a different atmosphere. We are already looking forward to meeting you in Dusseldorf from 19 to 26 October 2022.


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